Friday 12 June 2015

DANI Extreme v2 by DICODES

DANI Extreme v2 was released by Dicodes together with 2380 mod (actually 1-2 weeks earlier). And they are twins. 2380 is is a little bigger and more powerful but the rest of technical specification is the same. I described the 2380 firstly, but some features have been omitted (e.g. "heater protection" modes) so in this post I'd like to present the full, deep review of second version of DANI mod. Most of features (actually ALL) of Extreme v2 is the same like in 2380.

 1. The FINISH.

It's just PERFECT. Really perfect, with no cons. Everything is matched perfect, and perfectly finished. The mod is 22mm monolith without frills.


Here is quite good:
* power: 5-40W,
* coil resistance: 0,2 - 3,5 ohm,
* coil temperature control,
* "hot-start" modes,
* "heater protection" modes,
* vaping statistics.

For me it is very good, only cloud-chasing-lovers may need more power...

As well as 2380 OLED displays (after the puff):


* battery status,
* power,
* coil resistance.

The menu is one-button operated, with a memory of last selected function (you don't have to go through a whole menu to run last selected item).
New and nice option is vaping/battery statistics. We can check:
* number of puffs,
* vaping time,
* energy taken from battery,
* battery capacitance.

The 510 head is very solid:

But WITH NO SPRING ON PLUS PIN (and without any other adjustment) - so for some atomizers we get a gap:

I know that it is annoying to some users...


Measurements were done in my typical test set-up with 1 ohm microcoil on MutationX atomizer and Tektronix TPS2012 oscilloscope.

It is VERY WELL, better than in most other VW mods, because the voltage rises very smoothly. Just PERFECT!


Having the setup with 1 ohm coil we can also check if we get what we set. Below I compared:
* theoretical voltage what should be on the coil for a given power (calculated according to the P=U^2/R formula),
* real voltage MEASURED on the atomizer pins by use of multimeter.

No comment... Everything is perfect, mod as usual adds a little more voltage than is needed ;-)


Is described here: The Professor 


Quoting manual:
The heater protection is a periodic interruption of the power applied to the coil [...] it helps to avoid a break in liquid flow and thus an increase of temeperature.

Hmm, well, let's see some examples:

We have 10 modes of heater protection of different duration and the repetition rate.


Feature known from others mods. We get a 10 modes of boosting. Let's see couple of them:

As we can see the Extreme adds about 40-50% of voltage with varying duration. Please note starting mode 4 the boost is periodic - this feature is UNIQUE.


At this moment there is no better electronic TUBE mod than Extreme v2 and 2380. And it will be difficult to come up with something better :-) The ONLY con of the Extreme2 is lack of plus-pin adjustment. Of course its power output is double lower than 2380, but the price is also much lower. So if you don't need power over 40W take the Extreme2 with no hesitation!

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